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Accredited Online Degree Programs

List of Accredited Online Degree Programs

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The following is a partial list of accredited online degree programs:

Online Bachelor’s in Business Administration

The Online Bachelor’s in Business Administration is an online program from a reputable institution. This program allows you to take courses at your own pace and it is equipped with all the necessary tools to help you succeed.

Dakota State University is ranked by the US News and World Report as a top-tier university located in North Dakota. The Online Bachelor’s in Business Administration degree program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

 This degree program was designed specifically for working professionals who have some college education but don’t want to finish a four-year bachelor’s degree.

Students enrolled in this program are encouraged to get involved on campus with clubs, organizations, intramurals, and volunteer opportunities. There are many hands-on learning experiences available as well. 

Students in the Online Bachelor’s in Business Administration program may choose to take advantage of these programs. You can also choose to take a course for credit through the university if it is offered by another school.

Online Master’s in Applied Psychology (Counseling)

If you’re looking for an Online Master’s in Applied Psychology, try Online Courses, Degrees and Programs.

Many students look for their degree in the wrong places. They try to find the best online schools and programs by looking at ratings, rankings, and statistics – but these are not always reliable. 

What you really need is an experienced advisor who can help you decide which school is right for you, and who can steer you away from the bad programs.

It’s designed to be a comprehensive resource listing of all accredited online courses and degree programs offered throughout the world.

An Online Master’s in Applied Psychology is a great way to advance in your field. You can apply your knowledge and get experience working with others who are interested in the same things as you, and you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. 

You’ll have more free time to spend with friends and family, learn new skills, and gain an understanding of how other people think.

Applied Psychology deals in techniques that enable people to better understand and predict how they and others behave.

Online Programs are available at most accredited universities worldwide. Most universities offer their online degrees through Distance Learning Centers (DLCs). These are centers that operate online, offering courses which can be accessed using the Internet. 


The courses are generally taught by the same professors as their ‘brick and mortar’ counterparts utilizing the same course materials, tests and exams.

These days it’s possible to get a great education no matter where you live.


Online Master’s in Business Administration

Online Master’s in Business Administration are the perfect way to continue your education, and gain knowledge of how business operates. 

Studying online allows you to work on your own time, meaning that you can study anytime and anywhere. 

Since you’re at home most of the time anyway, this will be a lot easier for you. It also means that if something unexpected pops up in your life – like an emergency – then this doesn’t have to affect your studies.


You should choose carefully which university or college offers a good Online Master’s in Business Administration program because not all colleges offer quality programs. 

Distance Learning Centers (DLCs) are one place where Online Master’s in Business Administration are offered; these centers operate online, offering courses which can be accessed using the Internet. 

The courses are generally taught by the same professors as their ‘brick and mortar’ counterparts utilizing the same course materials, tests and exams.


An Online Master’s in Business Administration will enable you to learn the skills you need to take charge of your career.

You’ll be able to determine what kind of business administration career suits you best, and you can decide which areas in business administration interest you the most. You can also learn how business operates on a world level, and learn about different countries’ economic systems and regulations. Your ability to use computers will be enhanced, which will make it easier for you to do your job as an MBA graduate.


Online Bachelor’s in Radiology

Online Bachelor’s in Radiology is a program that provides students with the option to study in an online format. Some of the benefits associated with this type of education are:

Depending on the particular program, Online Bachelor’s in Radiology may or may not be an accredited degree according to appropriate national and/or state accreditation organizations. 

Online Bachelor’s in Radiology degree requirements are outlined by individual programs as determined by the institution itself and/or through applicable governing agencies.

Radiology deals in the field of diagnosis as well as therapeutic interventions. Diagnostic radiologists are often referred to as radiologists, diagnostic imaging specialists, radiology practitioners, or radiological technologists. The field uses many procedures such as X-ray, CT scan, MRI, ultrasound to diagnose illness and disease.

Radiologists can be board certified in diagnostic radiology by the American Board of Radiology. With the Online Bachelor’s in Radiology, you can make a great career by accumulating knowledge and experience which will make you knowledgeable in radiography, imaging, pathology, hematology, or any other branch of the field.

A radiologic technologist (RAT) has the responsibilities of both a radiologist and a technologist. The difference between the RAT and the Doctor is that RATs are not certified by any board while doctors are. As with many occupations, job opportunities tend to be greater in metropolitan areas than rural areas.


Online Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice

The Online Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice is an undergraduate degree program that provides a thorough understanding of the criminal justice system. This degree equips students with the skills to make a difference in the world of criminal justice by broadening their perspective and making them more aware of the issues, challenges, and opportunities that exist within this field.

Students who enroll in this program will examine how crime and delinquency affect individuals, communities, society at large and international relations. They’ll also take classes on gangs, drugs, crime prevention techniques as well as many other topics related to law enforcement. While enrolled in this program they will also complete internships or have close contact with professionals to gain first-hand experience relevant to today’s dynamic job market.

There are many career options for you to consider. With this degree, you can explore a career in law enforcement, law, crime prevention and security management as well as criminal justice research.

The Online Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice program requires that you complete 64 credit hours of coursework with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 (C). This degree program is also designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills that will prepare you for the demands of a career in criminal justice.


Online Associates Degree in Nursing

Accredited Online Degree Programs - graduate cap and globe
Accredited Online Degree Programs

An online associate degree in nursing can help you achieve a career in the medical field. It doesn’t matter how old you are, or what your background is. The degree programs are flexible enough to accommodate working adults and people who haven’t had any formal education. Read on to learn more about this program and why it could be the perfect solution if you’re looking to change careers without quitting your job or moving across the country.

An Online Associates Degree in Nursing is a very lucrative degree as it increases in demand as there is a shortage of certified nurses in the work force. As an online class, you can attend from anywhere within the United States and Canada. The online classes are easy to follow, and give you all the tools necessary to not only pass your exams but to excel in your program and future career. The modules are interactive and rich with case studies that grab your attention immediately.

The degree is a great starting point if you want to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree track in nursing, although it is not necessary for you to do so to be successful. It is best that you look into your states requirements before you begin your program. That way you know what it takes to get into a Bachelor’s Degree program down the road.

What makes the online nursing degree popular with working adults? The answer lies in the flexibility that it offers.


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