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Affordable Online Universities

The topmost Affordable Online Universities

This is the best list of the leading affordable online universities where you can take an online degree to further educate yourself, learn a new skill online, and jump-start your career.


What are Online Universities?

Receiving higher education online is possible nowadays not only with some of the best and most well-known universities but also with lower-ranked ones, which also promote their online programs to students.

In the exceptional circumstances that we are in, learning remotely has become the only option for some people with many universities and colleges, making their programs fully or partially online.

The global pandemic was definitely an onset for many accredited institutions to turn to the online form of teaching rather than the traditional classroom/ lecture-hall University learning setting.

COVID-19 has certainly been the main trigger for many higher education programs to be delivered virtually, giving an institution the credit of being called an online college or university.

Most of these affordable online universities are also based in certain parts of the world where a lot of students wouldn’t be able to afford and relocate.


Best undergraduate or postgraduate courses

Online universities have been the only option for many people in the past who were unable to enroll in traditional undergraduate or postgraduate courses.

So many students these days can’t afford to move away from home and pay extra for campus fees.

Moving to study abroad can present difficulties for students who have committed to full and part-time jobs in their hometown or where they are based.

Paying high tuition fees and leaving your work to pursue further education is impossible for people with children or others who simply cannot afford to attend a traditional college or university degrees.

With online universities, anyone can study and access a number of resources such as in-course assessment materials, online libraries, career advice services, and many more in the scope of their online degrees.

This can all happen within the comfort of your own home without the need to change your current lifestyle and working situation.

Online universities are often flexible and as a student, you can complete your course work any time during the day, or whenever you can make the time away from work or family.


 Is it cheaper to get a degree online?

If you are thinking of pursuing an online degree, you are certainly thinking you will be saving some money from high tuition fees compared to traditional campus education.

There is no doubt that online degrees are often cheaper than the ones in brick-and-mortar schools offering the full range of student experiences such as university accommodation in dorms with or without included means.

Living on campus and having access to a number of facilities such as university libraries, open study spaces, and university buildings suited for practical exercises such as laboratories, computer suites, and more. Running a faculty and supporting staff to operate all of the facilities can be costly to higher schools, which is why the expense to enroll in a traditional on-site program comes higher than online education.

Virtual learning requires no more than providing free access to students to an online platform and maintaining this platform to run smoothly 24/7. This also involves IT professionals, academic and support staff, but the cost to operate distance learning will be much lower than the traditional one, hence cheaper online degrees.

It is important to note that the tuition fee for online colleges or universities is more affordable than a regular program, but schools also often charge online students extra for running their on-site facilities which must operate anyway.


Affordable Online Degrees

Campus-based education has many positives to it due to the large range of educational activities that normally take place and keep students involved and proactive.

These, of course, incur extra costs to your tuition fees making your education less affordable. Whether someone is able to experience such a learning path depends on your budget and the flexibility one has with their schedule.

You can find on-site programs that may end up being cheaper than virtual degrees because of the course itself and the institution that offers it. Generally speaking though, most virtual degrees are often more affordable because of the cost-cutting on facilities and staff maintenance.

Nevertheless, everyone should make sure that they check the individual programs and what the terms and conditions are for them before they apply.


What are the benefits that you will get from learning courses in online universities?

 There are multiple benefits one can think of when speaking of learning via online courses and virtual universities.

Initially, studying online was considered more challenging due to the lack of infrastructure by many universities to ensure the smooth running of their platforms and services. With the restrictive social environment, more and more institutions converted to online teaching and they’ve had no other choice than to use new and existing resources to make their online learning processes run better.

In the past 10 years in general, there has been a significant increase in the number of online degrees offered by universities due to the high demand for these types of educational programs. Today we can see a great number of universities launching new and old programs into the online space and utilizing this way of teaching while making the most of it for their students.


The main benefits of affordable online universities

When speaking of affordable online universities, the first benefit that comes to mind if you decide to enroll in an online program is the lower cost that you will pay in your education overall. Generally speaking, online universities and online degrees are cheaper to obtain, with some exceptions by the top ten university degrees online.

Another main benefit to these programs is the added flexibility to them and the chance they give to anyone to achieve a valuable learning experience, despite their lack of time and work commitments.

Students can learn from home or anywhere that they get access to the internet so that they can complete their in-course assessments and regular examinations online. If you study virtually you can spend the time you need with your family or at your job. There is a lot more to online degrees than just greater flexibility and lower tuition fee.

You can actually benefit a whole lot from these degrees because you actually prove to your future employer that you possess great time management skills which will be useful to any job you decide to have.


A self-paced system of learning

Through this self-paced system, you show your ability to stay focused, to prioritize your work, and to complete tasks effectively. Learning on your own can also be a challenging experience for some people, but online programs require you to show self-motivation and the determination to be successful in your degree.

Another key benefit of online education is the opportunity it gives to students to exercise their communication skills via using the software and online tools provided. Being a good leader also means being able to maintain professional communication, which affordable online universities will elicit from you in a course of several years.

Interacting with people around the globe is also a great benefit to online colleges and universities since students can now exchange information quickly and effectively and make new innovative ideas come to reality.


What kind of degree can I get from affordable online universities?

 Affordability is not the only great benefit to online degrees. Advancement in new technologies is allowing institutions to make online degrees on almost any subject that you can think of.

The range of options that you have is really incredible, and it is no longer only limited to the kind of degrees you would expect to use in an office job.

There are more technical as well as practical degrees that you can obtain online, but the course requirements may differ based on the type of degree you choose and the institution you pick.

Some programs require students to take part in labs, live practical or hands-on work which can be either on-site or in a local facility convenient to you.

Making a careful read before you decide to apply for the degree program you want is advisory since you want to make sure that completion of the course will be possible in your case.


There is a growing demand for qualified personnel

There is a great range of degrees that are offered online nowadays.

Some of the most lucrative careers are now taught entirely online which makes it possible for everyone to enroll and gain the certification they want.

As one may expect, the most popular online university and college courses are related to IT. There is a growing demand for professionals coming from a computer science background, who are at an advantage in the job market due to the growing range of job opportunities in the sector.

Other popular online degrees offered online are business administration, finance, and accounting.

Whether you decide to specialize in business management or more into the learning of procedural tasks such as bookkeeping, tax preparation, or elaborate financial duties such as investment management, you can make your choice between these degrees.


The need to familiarize yourself with the system

Familiarizing yourself with the different course curriculum and making sure you meet the entry requirements is vital when you are considering applying to one of these programs.

Other examples of popular creative degrees are marketing, animation, and graphic design, video game design, and web design. Most universities offer all the tools to their students to complete their course work through the use of software, specific to the degree’s needs.

Some more conventional degrees that in the past were only taught in a classroom setting, you are now able to obtain online. Examples of such programs are health education, education, environmental science, criminal justice, languages, psychology, public health, history, music, and religion.

The list goes on with many more options of undergraduate and graduate programs that you can enroll in online and pursue the dream career that you want, just from home. Other popular choices by students, going into online higher education, are degrees like human resources, project management, hospitality management, and communications.

All of these offer open resources and an up-to-date course curriculum to meet the market’s demands for skilled professionals.


What’s the easiest university degree I can do?

When it comes to the university and college degrees, you may need to know that there is barely an easy way to complete a degree, whether it is done online or in a traditional university setting.

Going through the full range of courses and obtaining the necessary credits, in the end, can take up to several years of persistent and continuous learning.

Pursuing your education in an online university may give you greater flexibility to your learning schedule, but you will still need to submit regular course work and attend examinations.

Similar to traditional degree programs, online degrees that are more difficult to complete are the ones that cover more intricate subjects in the STEM field.

In comparison to traditional science and engineering courses that are known to be more demanding to students, you can still gain a degree certification from less arduous programs such as psychology, anthropology, education, social work, and sociology.

Other popular choices of subjects that students usually find easier to follow on and achieve certification are creative writing, humanities, history, and music.

Of course, the difficulty of a degree can be largely subjective to the individual student, based on their previous experience in the field, as well as the college or university they have decided to enroll in.


Guaranteed success in online courses

Easier Than Regular Courses

The reason why some online degrees are easier than other ones is that the more elaborate courses usually require more in-depth learning as well as regular practicing of learned practical approaches while using higher-level maths in order to gain the professional skills needed.

Oftentimes this is challenging for students to master within the scope of their higher education even in a traditional academic setting. Online learning is making the learning process for these types of degrees even more challenging due to the lack of hands-on experience and in-class participation.

Stay Motivated and Earn Your Degree

However, you needn’t be discouraged by the difficulty level of certain degrees if this is really something you would like to do. In that case, you are guaranteed to be successful if you have the right motivation, passion, and self-discipline to learn.

If you only want to earn a university certification that will weigh more when searching for professional employment, there are plenty of options for you to choose from.

Types of Online Courses

Without having to commit many hours every week to learning the complicated subject matter, you can easily gain a degree certificate in different types of majors such as:

  • Liberal Arts
  • General Studies
  • English
  • Childcare
  • Communication
  • Education and so on

When you are on the lookout for easy degrees, you should also do some research beforehand into the ranking and status of employability after graduation for the institutions you are interested in. 

Choosing a university and an online degree that is more highly-ranked and has higher student satisfaction from reviews is important when making the final decision. You wouldn’t like to commit to two or three years of your life to the learning of a subject, taught by a school that is not making your resume stand out much.


Which are the Most Affordable Online Universities?

When speaking of affordable online universities, one should know what is meant exactly by the standard tuition fee for this type of virtual education and what are the different degree options offered by the institutions.

In this section, we will discuss the undergraduate and the graduate tuition fees by the most affordable online universities in increasing order of cost for tuition. Both fees are average annual values for the two levels of degree certifications for these universities. Every one of them offers a different range of bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral study positions in their online programs.


Tennessee State University 

The Tennessee State University comes up as the cheapest and one of the most affordable online universities in the ranking list of affordable universities. 

Tuition Fee:
It is a non-profit public school that has the cheapest annual tuition fees for graduate and undergraduate programs, coming at $3,842 and $4,200, respectively. 

The cheapest tuition fares offered by this school are averaged from the individual fares for both graduate programs.

At Tennessee State University, you can enroll in a Bachelor of Professional Studies in some of the following online courses:

  • Health Administration
  • Information Technology
  • International Organizational Leadership
  • Organizational Leadership

The master’s degrees offered here are Master of Professional Studies in:

  • Human Resources Leadership
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Training and Development
  • Nursing (Family Nurse/ Practitioner/Nursing Administration/ Nursing Education/ RN to MSN)

There are also Nursing Post Master’s Certificates for a Family Nurse Practitioner, Nursing Administration, and Nursing Education.


California Coast University 

The California Coast University is the second one in the ranking list of affordable online higher schools. 

Tuition Fee:
The average annual tuition fee for the undergraduate degree in this university is $4,725 while the average graduate tuition fee is $4,485.

California Coast University is a private school that works for profit.

It offers 8 different types of online degrees:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Business
  • Psychology
  • Health Care
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Education and
  • General studies

Within each degree type, you can see what degree levels there are. The cost for each degree level per course unit can be checked on the official website of the university.


Georgia Southwestern State University

The Georgia Southwestern State University ranks as the third one in affordability.

Tuition Fee:
This affordable university has an annual fee of $5,970 for its average online bachelor’s degrees.

Price for the annual average for online master’s degrees at Georgia Southwestern State University is $3,855.

The online programs offered by this public university differ based on which field of study they are organized by.

There are 4 different schools that offer online undergraduate and graduate degrees:

  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • School of Business Administration
  • Computing and Mathematics School
  • School Nursing

All of them have different entry requirements while some of them have specific conditions for students with associate degrees similar to the field they would like to apply in.


Aspen University

The Aspen University comes up as number four in the official ranking for the affordability of their tuition fees. Aspen University is in fact a private school, yet their fees are very affordable.

Tuition Fee:
The average annual fee for the undergraduate programs offered by Aspen university is $4,500 which is close to the lowest-ranked one on the list.

While the average graduate tuition fee is slightly higher- $5,850 which brings it to this position in the ranking.

Aspen University has a very big range of online master’s degrees offered to students giving them a broader choice.

Here you can find different Master degrees in the following fields:

  • Business Administration
  • Science
  • Arts
  • Science in IT
  • Education
  • Science of Nursing

The university also offers Bachelor’s and Associate’s degree programs.


Arkansas University

The University of Arkansas is a public school that is number five in the ranking list for the affordability of their online degrees.

Tuition Fee:
The average annual undergraduate tuition fee for this university is $6,159.

And the average annual graduate fee is even lower, coming in at $4,558.

In terms of the range of degree levels, at the University of Arkansas, you can choose between bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and specialist degree certificates within a number of disciplines.

These are but a few of the undergraduate degrees offered by the schools are bachelor’s degrees, these are:

  • Communication
  • Accounting
  • General Business
  • Human Development and Family Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • And many more for you to choose from

There are also a few master’s degrees in Education, Science, Laws, Business Administration, to name but a few.


Fort Hays State University

Number six in the affordability ranking for online degrees offered by higher schools and other affordable online universities is Fort Hays State University.

Tuition Fee:
Fort Hays Uni is a public school that averages its annual undergraduate tuition fee at $6,560
And the average graduate tuition fee is around $4,316.

Fort Hays State University offers over 60 online degrees in numerous fields of interest such as:

  • Accounting
  • Business Education
  • Computer Science
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Social Work
  • Nursing
  • Philosophy
  • Medical Diagnostic Imaging
  • Marketing
  • And many more

The master’s degree options also range vastly from Business Administration (MBA) to Counseling (MS), Education (MSE), Special Education, Professional Studies (MPS) and Public History.

In these schools, you can choose between a large number of degree specifications.


Albany State University

The Albany State University comes up as number seven in the ranking list for the affordable online universities and some of their online degree programs. 

Tuition Fee:
The tuition fees for both online undergraduate and graduate degrees offered by the university are roughly the same amount- $5,487 and $5,400, respectively.

In terms of the degree options offered by Albany State University, where you can find online associate degree programs, bachelor degree programs, certificate programs, and online master degree programs.

There are three bachelor majors offered by this school and eight master majors that you can do online.
Some examples of the graduate degrees offered by this school are:

  • Master of Science in Counselor Education and
  • Early Childhood Education


Minot State University

Number eight in the list of increasing tuition fees for online degree programs is Minot State University.

Tuition Fee:
This public school has an annual average cost for undergraduate programs of $6,087 and a slightly lower tuition fee for their graduate ones- $5,030.

The number of undergraduate majors offered by Minot State University is significantly high, with examples of:

  • Bachelor programs in Science
  • Applied Science and
  • General Studies

There are graduate programs such as Master of Education and graduate certificates that can be completed in a separate specification. Examples for the latter are Cybersecurity Management, Knowledge Management, and Early Childhood Special Education.


University of the Cumberlands

The University of the Cumberlands is coming up as number 9 in the affordability ranking for online degrees offered to students.

Tuition Fee:
Their average annual undergraduate degrees are more expensive than their graduate programs, with tuition fees of $6,368 and $4,883, respectively.

The range of programs you can get at the University of Cumberlands is really great at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

There are online bachelor degrees in:

  • Business,
  • Health & Wellness,
  • Nursing,
  • Social & Behavioral Sciences,
  • Communications,
  • Education,
  • Humanities,
  • Technology,
  • General Studies and
  • Missions & Ministry.

The range of graduate programs is also very good, offering programs in Business, Education, Medical Science, Health Science and more.


Valdosta State University

Number ten in the list ranking affordable of online universities by their affordability is Valdosta State University.

Tuition Fee:
This is a public school that offers slightly higher-priced undergraduate degrees than graduate ones- $6,060 and $5,274, respectively.

The number of programs offered by Valdosta State University is not as abundant as some of the other affordable online universities.

Here you can find undergraduate degrees in:

  • Criminal Justice
  • French
  • Management
  • Office administration and technology
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Psychology
  • Spanish and
  • Workforce Education and Development

There is a wider range of master’s degrees with examples like Adult and Career Education, Foreign Language Education, Healthcare Administration, Public Administration, and more.


Union College

Union College – KY is number 11 in the affordability ranking list for online higher education.

Tuition Fee:
This is a private school that charges the undergraduate student an average annual fee of $6,750 and their graduate students an average of $5,100, which is significantly lower.

Examples of online bachelor’s programs are ones in:

  • Business Administration
  • General Management
  • Law Enforcement
  • General Studies
  • RN-BSN and
  • Substance Abuse

There are financial aids also offered for the online students of the university. Union College – KY has seven different online graduate Administration & Business degrees.
Master of Managerial Accounting, Healthcare Administration, Information Systems Management, and Digital Marketing are several examples.


Clayton State University

Clayton State University stays under number 12 in the ranking list of affordability of their online programs.

Tuition Fee:
It offers online undergraduate degrees at a lower cost than graduate online degrees- $5,490 and $6,545, respectively.

The types of undergraduate degrees you can decide to pursue virtually fall in seven different bachelor’s programs in disciplines such as:

  • Business Administration & Management,
  • Dental Support Services,
  • General English Literature,
  • History,
  • Information Science,
  • Nursing and
  • Liberal Arts General Studies.

Clayton State University offers only two online master’s degrees in Historic Preservation and Nursing. Online you can find how many students are enrolled in these, too.


Southern Utah University

Under number 13 in the ranking list for affordable online universities falls Southern Utah University. The price for online undergraduate and graduate degrees is not vastly different.

Tuition Fee:
You can see that the average tuition fee for an online undergraduate degree comes at $6,006 while the graduate one is $6,203.

The options of bachelor’s degrees you get to choose from are:

  • Accounting
  • Business Administration & Management and
  • Communication & Media Studies

There are a total of nine different online master’s degrees in Accounting, Arts & Media Management, Business Administration & Management, Communication & Media Studies, General Education, IT, Health & Physical Education, Music, and Public Administration.


Georgia Southern University

In the affordability ranking list of online degrees by universities, Georgia Southern University comes at number 14.

Tuition Fee:
This is a public higher school that offers their undergraduate programs at a lower cost than their graduate ones- $5,766 and $6,444, respectively.

On the official page of Georgia Southern University, you can find five different online undergraduate programs in:

  • Modern Languages
  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Information Technology and
  • Criminal Justice & Criminology

There is a significantly broader range of graduate programs, offered by the Colleges of Education, Engineering and Computing, Arts and Humanities, Behavioral and Social Sciences, Public Health, Business, and Health Professions.


William Woods University

Number 15 in the affordability ranking for online degree certificates is William Woods University.

This private school has a fairly high tuition fee for its online undergraduate programs compared to the other schools discussed so far.

Tuition Fee:
The annual average bachelor’s tuition fare in William Woods University is $7,050 while the one for their graduate degrees is only $5,400.

There are the options to choose from online Bachelor of Science in:

  • Business
  • Cybersecurity
  • Deaf Human Services
  • Management and Leadership
  • Paralegal Studies and Psychology

There is a far greater choice when it comes to graduate online programs with different master’s degree options in Business and Education.


Middle Georgia State University

In the ranking of affordability of online degrees, under number 16, you can find Middle Georgia State University.

Tuition Fee:
This is a public school that has one of the highest annual average tuition fees for undergraduate students- $8,670 and one of the lowest for graduate students- $3,825.

On the official page of Middle Georgia State University you can find a list of their bachelor degrees as follows:

  • Information Technology
  • Nursing
  • Health Services Administration
  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Aviation Science and Management (Management Track)
  • Technical Management
  • Business Administration (General Business)
  • Criminal Justice and Psychology

This school offers only two graduate programs in IT and nursing.


Columbia Southern University

Number 17 in the list of affordable online degrees from universities takes Columbia Southern University. This school has a fairly cheap undergraduate and graduate degree option compared to some of the other colleges mentioned.

Tuition Fee:
Columbia Southern University charges an average annual tuition fee for online undergraduate programs of $6,900 and $5,670 for online graduate options.

There is a great range of bachelor degrees offered by the university- such as:

  • Business
  • Criminal Justice
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Fire Services
  • Health
  • Human Resources
  • IT/Cyber Security
  • Psychology and more

Master’s degree programs are slightly more limited, as you can choose between seven different degree disciplines.


Arkansas State University

Under number 18 in the list ranking of affordable online universities for their degrees, you can find Arkansas State University.

Tuition Fee:
This school offers their undergraduate degrees at a significantly higher annual average price, compared to the graduate degree options- $7,740 and $4,986, respectively.

Arkansas State University gives prospective students the choice of 12 different online bachelor degrees in disciplines such as:

  • Criminology
  • Communication Studies
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • General Studies
  • Business Administration and many more

There is an equally broad choice of graduate programs for students in disciplines like Education, Public Administration, Media Management, Engineering Management, and so on.


Western Governors University

The Western Governors University falls under number 19 in the ranking list for the affordability of their online degrees.

Tuition Fee:
The average annual tuition fee in this school for undergraduate degrees is $6,450, similar to their graduate degrees tuition fees of $6,480.

This affordable university has four different colleges that offer bachelor’s degrees in:

  • Business
  • Education
  • Information Technology
  • Health
  • Nursing

Western Governors University offers about the same number of master’s degrees in all of the following disciplines: Health Leadership, Healthcare Management, Information Technology Management, Accounting, Data Analytics, Nursing, Business Administration, Cybersecurity and Information Assurance, Instructional Design, Educational Leadership, Science Education and many more.


Marshall University

The Marshall University is a public school which you can find under number 20 in the ranking list for the affordability of their online programs.

Tuition Fee:
The price at which they charge their undergraduate and graduate students their annual tuition fee comes at $6,318 and $6,810, respectively.

There are a total of four online bachelor’s programs in Clinical/Medical Laboratory Science, Geography & Cartography, Liberal Arts General Studies and Nursing.

The master’s programs offered by Marshall University are a total of 11: 

  • Accounting
  • Criminal Justice & Corrections
  • Educational Administration
  • General Business/Commerce
  • Journalism
  • Geography
  • Cartography
  • Mathematics
  • Nursing
  • Student Counseling and
  • Teacher Education


Lamar University

Number 21 in the ranking of colleges and universities for the affordability of their online programs is Lamar University.

Tuition Fee:
This school offers undergraduate degrees at an annual tuition fee average of $7,440 and a graduate tuition fee annual average of $5,775.

There is a wide range of options for both degree levels, as the graduate programs overtake the undergraduate ones by numbers.

Examples of master’s programs you can do at Lamar University are in the following subjects:

  • Business
  • Political Science
  • Criminal Justice
  • Education
  • Nursing
  • Liberal Arts
  • Communication
  • Health Sciences

As for the undergraduate online choices you can find programs in the school of Business, Political Science/Criminal Justice, Nursing and Liberal Arts/Communication.


Eastern New Mexico University

Eastern New Mexico University-Main Campus is taking 22nd place in the ranking list for the affordability of their online degrees.

Tuition Fee:
This is a public school which prices their undergraduate degrees at a higher average than their graduate ones- $7,492 and $5,838, respectively.

There is a great range of bachelor’s programs in many different subject areas such as:

  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Communicative Disorders
  • Computer Science
  • Criminal Justice
  • History
  • Electronics Engineering Technology
  • Marketing
  • Nursing

And many more …

The different online master’s degrees offered by Eastern New Mexico University are:

  • Bilingual Education
  • Business Administration
  • Career and Technical Education
  • Communication
  • Communicative Disorders, and
  • Education Administration


University of Central Arkansas

Number 23 in the ranking list for the affordability of online degrees is the University of Central Arkansas.

Tuition Fee:
This school has the highest charge compared to the other options in the list for the average tuition fee that undergraduates have to pay annually- $8,550.
And yes, this is significantly higher than the average annual tuition fee for their graduate programs-$4,875.

On their website, you can see that there is a more limited choice of undergraduate degree options in:

  • Addiction Studies
  • RN to BSN Nursing
  • General Business
  • Insurance & Risk Management
  • Management Information Systems and
  • General studies

Health Promotion and Nutrition are only two of the many online graduate programs.


Columbus State University

Columbus State University comes up as number 24 in the affordability ranking list of universities and colleges.

Tuition Fee:
This is a public school that charges an average annual tuition fee for their undergraduate programs at $6,510 and $6,930 for their graduate degree programs.

In this university, you can apply to six different bachelor’s programs in:

  • Communication & Media Studies
  • Computer Information Systems
  • General Business/Commerce
  • Liberal Arts General Studies
  • Nursing and
  • Sociology


There are seven online master’s degrees offered by Columbus State University in:

  • Business Administration & Management
  • Special Education
  • Nursing
  • Educational Administration
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Social Sciences and
  • Teacher Education


West Texas A & M University

Number 25 in the ranking list looking at the affordability of online degrees is West Texas A & M University.

Tuition Fee:
This is a public school which like most other universities has a higher annual tuition fee for their bachelor’s degrees compared to their master’s- $7,953 and $5,667, respectively.

There is a wide range of online undergraduate degrees that you can find at West Texas A & M University such as ones in:

  • Finance
  • General Business
  • Marketing
  • General Studies
  • Management
  • Economics and more


The graduate degree options are equally as many with some examples of programs in:

  • Accounting
  • Communication
  • Counseling
  • English

And many more


What can you do with your newly-acquired skills from these Affordable Online Universities?

Enrolling in an online education program can be very useful to anyone who wants to broaden their academic horizons and to gain a better employability status.

Learning online and gaining powerful knowledge will make you a very competitive candidate for different employment positions because of the number of useful skills you will have gained in a degree from an online university.

Jumping straight into a job after completing an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral degree online is a real possibility for anyone who has decided to go down this path.

Generally speaking, graduating with an online degree does not make you less employable than finishing with a degree from a traditional degree but only proves your invaluable skills gained from this type of learning. 


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